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Tobacco-dependent patients are at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases (40% of cases), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (80% of cases), malignant tumors (30% of cases, including 90% of lung cancer cases). With tobacco abstinence, 40% of these diseases can be prevented.

The positive effect begins immediately after quitting smoking:

  • 20 minutes - pulse and blood pressure are normalized
  • 1 hour - reduces the risk of complications during pregnancy
  • 8 hours - the level of nicotine in the blood decreases, blood supply improves
  • Day 1 - lung function improves, carbon monoxide (CO) is excreted from the body
  • 2 days - nicotine is excreted from the body, the danger to the growth of an unborn child is reduced
  • 3 days - the energy level increases, breathing becomes easier
  • 1 month - nicotine withdrawal has passed after quitting smoking, breathing and energy levels are constantly improving

The condition of the check-up "pulmonology"

  • Pre-registration via the call center
  • Registration on the day of application at the registry of paid services


  • Pulmonologists; acupuncturist
  • Specialists of the Department of Functional Diagnostics;
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Radiation diagnostics
  • Support of the administrator on duty (additional service)

Survey period

    Standard AP CHECK – 2-3 days

Additional services:

  • Accommodation in a round-the-clock and day hospital
  • Support of the administrator on duty

Survey period

    Standard AP CHECK – 2-3 days

Additional services:

  • Accommodation in a round-the-clock hospital
  • Support of the administrator on duty

Survey plan

  1. General blood test with detailed formula;
  2. Sputum culture on flora and sensitivity to antibiotics;
  3. Biochemical blood analysis: AST, ALT, urea, creatinine, total protein; CRP;
  4. Oncomercers: REA, neuron-specific enalase NSE, CYFRA 21-1
  5. Blood glucose;
  6. Cholesterol, lipid profile
  7. Blood clotting indicators: D-dimer, PTY;
  8. Determination of body mass index;
  9. Definitions of the smoking index;
  10. Blood pressure measurement;
  11. Electrocardiogram (ECG);
  12. ECHO-KG (ultrasound of the heart);
  13. Densitometry;
  14. Oximetry (measurement of oxygen concentration in the blood);
  15. Lung function study with bronchodilator test;
  16. High-resolution computed tomography (CTVR);
  17. Performing a 6-minute walk test;
  18. Consultation of a pulmonologist;
  19. Development of an individual treatment and rehabilitation plan;

You can check your pulmonary health and get advice from the necessary specialists in the Lipetsk Regional Consultative polyclinic by first calling: (84742) 28-86-45.

We will be glad to see you! Be healthy!

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