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The goal of treatment is to save the patient's life!


Endovascular surgeons together with neurologists of the Lipetsk Regional Clinical Hospital saved the life of another patient!

Three weeks ago, an unconscious woman was taken to the Lebedyansky district hospital. The diagnosis was made: stroke, intracerebral hemorrhage. During the examination, the cause was found – an aneurysm of the arteries of the brain.

From that moment on, the patient was taken under observation by the specialists of the neurologists of the LOKB. The task was to stabilize the patient's condition as soon as possible and perform surgical intervention on the aneurysm. The threat of death from repeated rupture of the aneurysm, in such patients of patients, is very high. 2 out of 3 die, so it is important to "turn off" the aneurysm in the first 2-3 weeks!

On Monday, the patient underwent endovascular intervention. The operation was successful! It is necessary to note the uniqueness of the operation. The location of the aneurysm was extremely inconvenient and earlier operations in such cases were carried out in an open way, that is, with trepanation of the skull. Now we can confidently say that the skill level of our specialists is comparable to the level of federal centers!

In the LOCB, in the acute stroke department, a program is being implemented to identify and rescue patients with similar cases. Now the patient is preparing for discharge! In the photo, the head of the department of endovascular surgery Malyukov Mikhail Vladimirovich, the head of the department of acute stroke Shchegolev Alexander Yurievich and endovascular surgeon Ognev Pavel Olegovich.

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