398055, Lipetsk, Moskovskaya str., 6-A
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+7 474 228-86-45 polyclinic
+7 474 230-78-53 hospital (therapeutic building)
+7 474 231-40-82 hospital (surgical building)
Mon - Fri: from 8:00 to 18:00
Sat: from 9:00 to 16:00
Sun: Weekend

Day hospital


The day hospital of the surgical profile of the Lipetsk Regional Clinical Hospital was organized in 2014 in order to improve and develop hospital-replacing types of medical care.

The head of the department is a surgeon of the highest category, member of the ROC , Alexey Viktorovich Zyakun .

The department has 15 beds:

  • 5 therapeutic - work in one shift from 8.00 to 12.00
  • 10 surgical - work in two shifts: the first from 8.00-12.00, the second from 13.00-17.00 and a break from 12.00-13.00.
  • The day hospital is closed on weekends and holidays.

The department provides planned assistance to the population of the region in the following areas:

  • therapy;
  • neurology;
  • surgery;
  • traumatology and orthopedics;
  • urology;
  • proctology;
  • gynecology;
  • vascular surgery;
  • otorhinolaryngology.

In the day hospital, patients can receive complex conservative therapy, both with modern drugs and additional treatment methods: hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO), physiotherapy, physiotherapy exercises, massage.

Also, the department performs a wide range of surgical interventions, both under local anesthesia and general anesthesia:

  • endoscopic removal of polyps of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum and colon;
  • argon plasma coagulation of the esophageal mucosa at Barrett's esophagus;
  • removal of benign neoplasms of the skin and subcutaneous tissue;
  • puncture of joints with the introduction of drugs;
  • surgical treatment of small umbilical and ventral hernias;
  • treatment of an ingrown nail, purulent skin diseases (boil, abscess, panaritium);
  • phlebectomy;
  • diagnostic curettage of the uterine cavity;
  • urological operations: SWL of kidney and ureteral stones and others;
  • ENT operations: biopsy of the pharynx and larynx formations, puncture and drainage of the paranasal sinuses, surgical treatment of otitis media.

The department treats about 800 patients a year and performs about 250 operations.


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