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The pathology department of the Lipetsk Regional Clinical Hospital was founded and has been operating since the first days of the hospital's operation. Currently, the department employs four medical pathologists with a specialist certificate. Three doctors are certified for the highest qualification category, one doctor has a PhD in medical sciences.


The head of the department is Vladimir Yuryevich Meshcheryakov - doctor of the highest category, chief pathologist of the Lipetsk region.

Department doctor - Bagrintsev Vladimir Ivanovich, senior resident of the department, doctor of the highest category.

Kirsanov Yakov Nikolaevich, doctor of the department, candidate of medical sciences, the highest category.

Daletsin Alexey Alexandrovich, pathologist, specialist in pediatric pathological anatomy.

The senior sister of the department is Olga Vasilievna Papova, a laboratory assistant of the highest category.

The department is located in a typical one-story building, which has a set of premises necessary for the production of the entire range of pathological studies: autopsies, histological studies of surgical biopsy material, preservation of a raw archive, corpses of the deceased, etc.

The department is equipped with all the necessary equipment that allows for biopsy and autopsy studies, with the use, if necessary, of additional methods of fixation, staining, and other studies. The range of histological studies carried out in the department is extremely wide, and includes the establishment of a histological diagnosis on any histological material without restrictions. Autopsy examinations in the department are performed of any category of complexity.